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fastcast tool-free casting


While Rapid Cast has the ability to create traditional casting tooling at industry leading lead times, there is an even faster, more cost-effective way.  Additive 3D printing technology allows us to fast track your casting project, entirely eliminating the tooling phase by pouring into Printed Molds.

Castings produced by high-resolution 3d printed mold technology can be shipped in less than one week.

High Resolution 3D Printed molds

ideal for ultra compressed lead times and complex casting geometry

your project designed to suit your needs


print options

  • High Resolution Phenol Direct Binded (PDB) prints

  • Furan Direct Binding (FDB) process Molds and Cores

  • Hybrid process utilizing traditional foundry tooling and additive 3D printed components. 

Ask us which process is best for you.

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