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Premium quality primary and secondary sand casting aluminum Ingot. 

Better Ingots = Better Castings. We stock common alloys such as... 

  • 319.1 Sr

  • A356.2 Sr

  • 713.1 Tenzalloy

  • 535.2 AlMag

  • Za 12

  • Zinc #3 & #5

  • Various Brass/Bronze Alloys

3d metrology

Scan to CAD comparisons establish geometric quality control preserving tooling condition and casting conformity.

radiographic analysis/x-ray

As a secondary safeguard on critical components, we offer NDT radiographic X-Ray analysis specifically for those times when your specification calls for documented radiographic inspection.

engineered casting process

State of the art project qualification and simulation assures repeatable casting process and solidification integrity.

porosity control

Our porosity analysis system is a robust, automated, shop floor system for measuring specific gravity of Reduced Pressure Test (RPT) samples.  Using this porosity measurement system provides a more accurate, scientific way to control porosity in your melt by controlling aluminum degassing time in our rotary degassing system. 

Metallurgical testing

We certify our castings to meet your specifications.  Tensile Testing, Micro-Porosity Inspection and Grain Structure Analysis can be performed in an off-site full service metallurgical laboratory on an as-required basis.

superior quality.

the first time, every time.

There is always a better way...

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