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           Rapid Cast is a Full-Service Non-Ferrous Sand Casting Foundry located in Southeast Michigan.  We specialize in Aluminum Prototype Castings and rapid production of Low Volume Precision Sand Castings.  We know that in today's environment, project timelines are critical and we go above and beyond to partner with our customers and keep contact to exceed expectations.  With on-site finish machining capabilities and an in-house engineering department that utilizes the latest technologies, we strive to secure superior quality and timing.  We aim to manufacture the best, fastest castings in the industry so you can test and showcase your projects and products with confidence.

            Our team trained for years in the foundry under the guidance of the gentleman who was engaged in formulating the Gypsum Plaster (RPM) that metal could be poured into in the 1940's.  As an evolution to the casting industry Chad Martin, our Founder, was tasked with building a Sand Cast division of that foundry.  As plaster castings (while providing exceptional surface finish) do not maintain reliable mechanical properties, Aluminum Sand Casting slowly rooted as the in-demand process.  Establishing methods of producing quality Sand Castings has always been a measure of experience and equation.  As modern technology evolved Mr. Martin embraced it and set out to advance the foundry's capabilities.  The introduction of Casting Simulation and Solidification Analysis has changed the game.  The ability to streamline casting projects while simultaneously eliminating solidification related casting defects is revolutionary.  Mr. Martin, with his extensive foundry background and degree in Engineering set out to be an industry leader in up front casting project development and manufacturing.

             This lead to the formation of Rapid Cast in 2019.  Our mission is to lead the world in advancing Aluminum Rapid Prototyping.  Even though we say we specialize as the industries most efficient Aluminum Metal Casting Foundry, our true distinguishing feature is our relentless approach to service and attending to our customers demands and specifications.  We truly approach each project as its own unique program and together, with you, develop a strategy to accomplish 100+% satisfaction of your requirements with turnarounds previously thought unattainable.

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