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The Rapid Cast difference...

Your project, your Timeline

Your Project has a very specific set of needs.  Our mission is to work with you, right from the start to ensure that your exact requirements are fulfilled.


you tell us when you need it and we will Show you how we will guarantee to

get it done. 


the Rapid Cast approach

Onset project optimization

From early design and estimation phase, Rapid Cast will visualize typical and potential project defects avoiding delays and costly project setbacks. 




We start working on the quality and timing of your project the minute you approach us with it.


additive 3D printing technology


Weather you choose our Rapid Tool-less Casting Process, or a more traditional Rapid Tooling  approach, we utilized 3D printing technologies to streamline your project and maximize casting integrity.

3D Printing technologies allows us to cast your project exactly as it was engineered, creating superior quality castings at remarkably rapid pace

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