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rapid prototyping

A Game-changer for product design


Rapid prototyping with aluminum sand castings is a game-changer for product design, allowing you to quickly and easily create a physical model of your design. All that's needed is your CAD model, from which 3D-printed sand molds are created to produce an exact replica of the product.


Sand casting is a versatile casting method that offers unparalleled freedom in creating complex shapes and detailed features – perfect for refining and iterating your prototype designs. With rapid prototyping, you can save money on expensive tooling while getting the chance to physically test and refine the design of your product in record time. Try out this revolutionary new method of rapid prototyping today; it will take your project to the next level!


At Rapid Cast, superior quality sand castings with quick execution is our mission. No matter what you’re looking for - aluminum prototype castings or low volume castings, we’re committed to bringing you exactly what you need, when you need it. Our customers love working with our foundry because we produce the highest quality precision sand castings with an exceptionally fast turnaround, right here in the USA.

Case study: 150lb complex casting


Rapid Cast 3D-printed a sand mold and core assembly for a customer in need of a rapid turnaround. Their current supplier was having difficulty delivering quality and meeting their timeline on this large complex casting- weighing in at 150 lbs. This process allowed us to avoid hard tooling with the added bonus of cutting down timing, development, and manufacturing costs. The resulting assembly weighed in an impressive 2000 lbs!


Case study:

layered molds


With our 3D-printed molding process, cast parts can have many channels running through them. This casting required a multilayered mold to create all the features. With the ease of simply stacking the 3D-printed layers on top of each other, we were able to deliver this complex part to our customer quickly!

Case study:



When time is of the essence, we rise to the challenge. Our customer had a tough deadline, but thankfully, rapid prototyping is our expertise! Our dedicated team of skilled professionals were able to deliver this order of about 100 castings in less than 2 weeks without sacrificing quality.

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