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Rapid Cast is...

Your Premium Provider of Aluminum Sand Castings

At Rapid Cast, superior quality sand castings with surprisingly quick execution is our mission.  No matter what you’re looking for - Aluminum Prototype Castings or Low Volume Castings...we’re committed to bringing you exactly what you need, when you need it.  Our customers love working with our Gravity Casting Aluminum Foundry because we produce the highest quality Precision Sand Castings with an exceptionally fast turnaround, right here in the USA.

Need Prototype Castings in a hurry?  Need SAND Castings to get production started right away?  Reach out today to get an initial quote and start working together with our premium sand casting foundry!


superior accelerated casting 

it's what we do.

Quality-Driven Rapid Prototype and Fast Production Castings


Non-Ferrous Alloy Air-Set Sand Castings

Industry Leading Turnaround on Superior Quality Sand Castings.  Aluminum, Brass, Bronze and Zinc in a vast array of Casting Alloys.

If you have unique needs, come to us first. Every project we undertake is a custom job.  By specializing in prototype casting, we have streamlined customization into a science.  We use in-house 3-D modeling, digital casting simulation software and 3-D printing technologies to get your project cast perfectly the first time, cutting out the wasted time and resources other casters take for granted.  With our cutting edge technology, we can cut the number of needed pre-production prototypes in half and provide porosity free superior castings.

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Technology Driven

Engineered approach to Casting Projects dramatically reduces Lead Times while assuring Exceptional Quality.

Engineering your project up front during the design and estimation phase greatly improves start up timing and casting integrity.  It is common to produce sound castings in just a few days, even next day delivery is possible while enhancing the quality.


Industry-Leading Expertise



With our combined century of experience, we can consult with you during your design phase, before you're ready to pour, helping you figure out exactly how to do what you want without any wasted productivity.  Superior castings, right from the onset. 

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